25 micron stainless steel filter

25 micron stainless steel filters are made up of several layers of 316 mesh that are sintered together to form an integrated porous element. The middle mesh is of very fine gauge and determines the filtration efficiency of the elements. This layer is then overlaid with inner and outer layers of coarser mesh, to give support and protection.

The 25 micron stainless steel filters are a typical surface filter and the contaminants are retained on the surface of the filtration layer, this makes cleaning and back flushing a simple process. These 25 micron stainless steel filters should be ultrasonically cleaned to give best results.25 micron stainless steel filters are particularly useful in heavily contaminated applications and for use as pre-filters before disposable type final filters.

Gaskets are required with stainless steel filter elements. This option is supplied with 25 micron stainless steel filters.

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