Candle filter elements

Candle Filter Elements

Candle filters are commonly using in ships and are primarily using for diesel system filtration, such as diesel generator systems. It has a slender body shape and is therefore have a name Rod Filter. Usually using on ships, so some people call it Ship Filter. The main candle filter manufacturer is Boll filter.

In addition to the wire woven mesh, the filter layer of the candle filter has materials such as glass fiber, oil filter paper and sintered felt. Accuracy is 5 microns, 10 microns, 20 microns, 30 microns, 40 microns, 80 microns, and more others.

It is suitable for heavy oil, high viscosity hydraulic oil, petroleum, asphalt filtration, high molecular polymer, polyester melt, ink filtration, polyester chips, short filaments, melts in filament production, polymers, and prepolymers filter and so on.

Candle filter

Candle filter with different caps

Stainless steel Candle filters

Different Stainless steel Candle filters

Candle filters

Application of Candle Filters

Same as bollfilter, Deze with following Features of Candle filters:

Candle filters mainly using for oil filtration. In use, a plurality of filter elements and a magnetic disk are usually using in combination, and the filter element is of the same size, so that the filter area is effectively increased. The main feature of the candle filter for ships is high temperature and high pressure, and the pressure difference can be greater than 10 MPa. In addition to this, it also has the following characteristics:

  1. Resistance to pressure loss, high strength, repeated cleaning, and can back washing, etc.
  2. The candle filters and the fix plate are bolt or thread for easy installation, disassembly and cleaning.
  3. High strength, long life, strong corrosion resistance, large temperature range, and no material detachment.
  4. Large filtration area, large flow, good permeability, high porosity, strong dirt holding capacity and strong reusability (can clean).
  5. In the same size and size environment, the filter area of the candle filter is 3-4 times of the filter area of the cylindrical filter, which effectively extends the filter replacement cycle.
  6. Easy to install, disassemble and clean.

The use of the candle filters:

Candle filter is suitable for metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, paper, textile, food, life, environmental protection and other industries involving oil and water filtration. There are also fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline and other filters. There are also filters for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, etc. It can also be using for clarification filtration of raw water, sewage, white water and medium water.

replacement Candle filters

Application of Replacement Candle Filters

Candle filters

Candle Filters with Screw Thread

How the candle filter works?

The candle filter can filter solid particles and colloidal substances and other pollutants in the working medium. Thereby effectively controlling the pollution degree of the working medium to ensure the normal operation of the system. The filtrate enters the filter through the inlet of the candle filter. After the impurities are intercepted by the filter element, the filtrate flows out from the outlet and then enters the clear liquid storage tank. As the filtration progresses, the cake layer is continuously thickened and the filtration resistance is continuously increased. Therefore, when the set pressure difference is reach, the filter element needs to backwash.

Deze’s candle filter can replace bollfilter, our products have a large amount of dirt and a long service life. It can be using in the BOLL main oil filter to filter out solid particles and gelatinous substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution degree of the system.

Operation and precautions during cleaning:

When cleaning the candle filter, the liquid inlet and outlet ports should close first. And the compress gas should introduce into the tank body, and then the residual hydraulic pressure in the filter tank body is filtered. When the filter column backwash, compresse gas inflation filter cloth introduce at the outlet of the filter filtrate. So that the intercept impurities are separate from the gap of the filter cloth and discharge through the lower discharge port of the filter element.

Candle filter use precautions:

  1. The oil before the candle filter enters the diesel engine is a new oil, not the circulating oil regenerated by the filter oil machine that has been used many times before.
  2. Reasonably match the filtering accuracy. Common precisions are 20 microns, 30 microns, 40 microns, 80 microns, and the like.
  3. Select the correct candle filter connection method.
  4. Select the filter element size according to the filter flow.
  5. 5, choose high-quality filter layer, high strength, accurate accuracy of the candle filter
  6. Regular backwashing and backwashing can effectively extend the service life of the candle filter.

Deze adopts German technology and is mainly using in various ship systems. It can effectively filter all kinds of metal impurities and control the pollution degree. After years of experimental research and trial use, it can reach the quality of German Bollfilter regardless of material selection, process and service life.

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