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Stainless Steel Water Filter Candle

Stainless steel water filter candle having sleek finish with specially formulated ceramic microporous candle made of specially formulated ceramic for utmost efficiency in filtering out impurities. Removes algae & parasites& protects from all bacterial diseases. User friendly, easy to clean & does not need electricity. Hygenic & fitter option to store water in comparison to

Industrial Water Filter Cartridge

Industrial water filter cartridge contaminants on the outer surfaces of the filter media. These types of industrial water filter cartridges run the gamut from inexpensive bonded units to more expensive models made from a variety of high-capacity pleated types of media. These industrial water filter cartridges can be used for a wide range of applications

High Flow Filter Cartridge

We specifically designed high flow filter cartridges to deliver all of the filtration benefits in a compact footprint. Housings are available in standard designs, as well as customizable configurations to suit your specific needs. All standard high flow filter cartridges are designed, manufactured, tested, and code stamped in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

Stainless Steel Water Filter Cartridge

Stainless steel water filter cartridge is made from high quality steel and fitted with pure clay ceramic filter candles. Available in various sizes 13, 15, 18, 20, 25, 28 & 30 Liters to suit individual requirement. Sets of different sizes can be packed in knocked condition to save on freight charges and then can be

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