Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing filter element is a coalescing material such as specially treated glass fiber. It can coalesce tiny water droplets dispersed in turbine oil into larger water droplets. After that, the agglomerate water droplets settle to the lower water pool under the action of gravity and the flow impact of the oil, and are discharged by the drain valve.

The fluid flows from the inside to the outside through the Coalescing filter to coalesce the filter element. The inner layer of the Coalescing filter is a pre-filter coalescing filter element, and solid impurities are intercepted on the outer layer to block the pre-filter layer. So, preventing the coalescence process from being affect.

Coalescing Filter Elements
Coalescing Filter Elements
Coalescing Filter Elements

Normally, Separator filter is using in conjunction with the coalesce filters. The separation filter consists of specially chemically treat stainless steel mesh. It has good lipophilic properties. so, it allows the oil to pass smoothly, effectively preventing the water droplets from passing through and achieving an effective dewatering effect.

Coalescing filter element and separation filter element are not subject to severe physical or chemical damage and can be using for a long time without having to replace it. So, this greatly reduces operating costs, which is a unique feature of the application of coalescence separation technology.

Coalescing Filter Element Use

Usually, the inclusion of impurities “water” in chemical products (hydrocarbons) is a common problem and a difficult problem to solve. Especially in chemicals containing hydrocarbons and surfactants. Usually, the use of a common impurity separator (surfactant) makes it difficult to remove the impurity water. The liquid/liquid coalescence separation system can solve this problem very well.

Coalescing Filter Elements
Coalescing Filter Elements
Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing Filter Element can collect the liquid impurities in the free state, and the impurities can be naturally separated by changing the free state into a normal state. The droplets are further coalesced and integrated to naturally separate sedimentation impurities.

  • Filter particulate contaminants
  • Remove moisture from oil
  • Remove alkaline and organic acid salts soluble in water
  • Others not mentioned

Coalescing Filter Element Application

The medium of the coalescing filter element is generally made of glass fiber or polyester fiber, and the special structure of the filter material makes the coalescing effect of the filter medium particularly good. The structural composition of the medium is not easily changed. There is no case of fiber shedding. The accuracy of the filtration can reach 0.1 μm.

The coalescing filter has high filtration precision and can agglomerate the atomized flow or droplet flowing in the air well and efficiently. It does not cause environmental pollution and has good environmental protection.

Coalescing Filter Element Application Price:

Although the price of Coalescing filtration in the market is different, the overall level can be accepted by consumers. The coalescing filter produced by Deze is very environmentally friendly. It uses high-quality synthetic materials in production, and there is no residual object after burning.

Deze filtration provides coalescing filter elements, coalescing separation filter elements, coalescing dewatering filter elements, oil-water separation filters, Pall replacement coalescing filter elements.

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and production of filtration equipment, purification equipment, oil-water separators and various precision filter elements. It has advanced filtration technology. It specializes in replacing various hydraulic filter elements and custom-made filter elements.

Coalescing Filter Elements

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