Crimped Construction Filter Elements

Crimped Construction Filter Elements

We offer crimped construction for Stainless Steel Filter Elements.

These cartridges are typically pleated or cylindrical (wrapped), with a lightweight core and a support ring.

Industrial process cartridges overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations of cellulose or synthetic fiber cartridges by being manufactured of stainless steel using crimping and welding, with no brazing or epoxy bonding used.

Crimped Filter Elements made entirely of 304 or 316 stainless steel, our process cartridges are cleanable, reusable.

These elements are also good up to 260°C.

Mesh Patterns — Square Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave, Plain Dutch Weave

Various micron ratings available from 2um to 1000um (nominal)

Various mesh sizes available

We are suppling Custom & Customized for Crimped Filter Elements(OEM)

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