Hydraulic Oil Filter

Application of Threaded hydraulic oil filter & folding hydraulic filter —–can be customized


Hydraulic oil filter is used in various oil systems to filter out solids generated by external mixing or internal operation of the system.

Impurities, mainly installed on the oil suction path in the system, on the pressure oil line, on the return line, on the bypass, on a separate filtration system.

 Application of hydraulic filter:

Industrial hydraulic oil will be mixed with some impurities during the use process, the main impurities

There are mechanical impurities, water and air, etc. These magazines will cause accelerated corrosion, increase mechanical wear, reduce work efficiency, make oil products deteriorate and reduce equipment service life. In severe cases, oil pipelines will be blocked and production accidents will occur.

For example: hydraulic oil filtration of concrete pump, hydraulic oil filtration of construction machinery, and filtration of hydraulic oil of hydraulic station.

Main parameters and features:

The hydraulic oil filter element is used to protect specific components in the hydraulic system. It is installed upstream of the protection element in the medium pressure pipeline to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium, and make the components normal work. The hydraulic oil filter is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh, sintered mesh and iron mesh. Because it uses mainly fiberglass filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper and wood pulp filter paper, it has high concentricity and high pressure. Straight, good stainless steel, without any burrs, guarantees long service life. Its structure is made of single or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material. Its specific number and composition of wire mesh in specific use. The number of meshes depends on the conditions of use and use.

Scope of application:

  1. Filtration of hydraulic systems of rolling mills and continuous casting machines and filtration of various lubrication equipment.
  2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in refining and chemical production processes, purification of liquid purification, magnetic tape, optical discs and photographic film in manufacturing, and injection of well water and natural gas in addition to particle filtration.
  3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the drawing process, protection and filtration of air compressor, degreasing and dehydration of compressed gas.
  4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: reverse osmosis water, deionized water pretreatment filtration, washing liquid and glucose pretreatment filtration.
  5. Mechanical processing equipment: paper machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large-scale precision machinery lubrication system and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment dust recycling filter.
  6. Railway internal combustion engines and generators: filtration of lubricating oil and oil.
  7. Various hydraulic oil filters for automobile engines and engineering machinery, ships and trucks.
  8. Thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, feed water pump, fan and dust removal system purification.
  9. Various lifting, handling operations: lifting, loading and other construction machinery to fire, maintenance, handling and other special vehicles, ship’s cargo machine, anchoring machine, blast furnace, steelmaking equipment, ship locks, ship door opening and closing device, The theater’s elevating pool and lifting stage, various automatic conveyor lines, etc.
  10. Various working devices such as pushing, squeezing, pressing, shearing, cutting, digging, etc.: hydraulic press, die casting, forming, rolling, rolling, stretching, shearing equipment, plastic injection molding machine, plastic Chemical machinery such as extruders, tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural and forestry machinery for logging and mining, excavation equipment for tunnels, mines and grounds, and steering gears for various ships.
  11. High-response, high-precision control: tracking drive of artillery, stability of turret, swaying of ships, attitude control of aircraft and missiles, high-precision positioning system for machining machines, drive and control of industrial robots, sheet metal Pressing, thickness control of leather sections, speed control of power plant generators, high-performance vibration tables and testing machines, large-scale motion simulators and entertainment facilities with multiple degrees of freedom.
  12. Automatic control and control of a variety of work program combinations: combined machine tools, machining automatic lines.
  13. Special workplace: working equipment in special environments such as underground, underwater and explosion-proof.

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