candle filter

Candle filters as one of main filter elements can working in many area:

Food Industry

Fructose syrup filtration; citric acid, malic acid, sulfuric acid, lactic acid decarburization and decolorization filtration; lycopene filtration; MSG decarburization and decolorization filtration; yeast, soy protein precision filtration; various juice precision filtration; soy sauce, vinegar filtration Fine filtration of alcohol and beverages; precision filtration of hair oil, edible oil and blending oil.
Pharmaceutical industry
Filtration in the biopharmaceutical industry; fermentation liquid filtration crystal filtration; mother liquor or suspension filtration; catalyst filtration recovery.

Chemical Industry

Filtration and recovery of pesticide intermediates; filtration of titanium dioxide and black carbon powder in waste plastics and waste tire refining; filtration of biomass oil by straw; filtration and recovery of PTA mother liquor; filtration of high purity alumina; filtration of solvent oil such as white oil; Filtration; oil sand crude oil filtration; filter aid (activated carbon, clay, diatomaceous earth, perlite, etc.) filtration; amine liquid desulfurization, decarbonization process filtration; PTA, PVC powder recovery filtration; inorganic salt production filtration, etc.

Water treatment

Various types of wastewater filtration: such as heavy metal wastewater (electroplating wastewater, circuit board production wastewater, hot-dip galvanizing wastewater), battery wastewater, magnetic material wastewater, electrophoresis wastewater, coal mine wastewater, coal yard coal wastewater, fluorine-containing wastewater; chemical production Filtration of suspended solid waste water; filtration of liquid for electronic and optical lens polishing; precision filtration of pigment latex waste paint water; filtration of river water, ground water, river water, spring water, swimming pool water, and bath water.

Grease ink

Industrial oil dewaxing, decolorization, fine filtration; biodiesel, hydraulic oil, waste oil, mixed oil, base oil, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil, transformer oil filtration; vegetable oil, edible oil dewaxing, decolorization filtration.

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