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Here is the definitive guide for the sintered mesh filter discs. It includes all the queries that might arise in your mind related to our product.If you are buying an industrial product in bulk, you should be especially mindful of its arrangements. It will allow you to make the right choice. It is why Deze provides a FAQ guide to its customers for its products. So their customers can decide what they want.We acknowledge our clients with every part of our product. 

What are sintered mesh filter discs?

Sintered Mesh Filters

Different Sizes and Configurations of Sintered Mesh Filter Discs

Sintered mesh filter disc is a woven filter made of laminated, sintered layers of stainless steel fiber. You can use them for simple, fast removal of pollutants, impurities, and agglomerate substances.

Sintered mesh filter disc is filtration disc with high filtration capacity. They stand out among many other filtration devices because of their exceptional qualities. At Deze, we manufacture them from high-quality metals.

Sintered mesh discs are available in various sizes and configurations. They find applications in many industrial operations.

How are sintered mesh filter discs manufactured?

Sintered mesh discs are manufactured from filter media. The filter media contains high-quality metals, such as premium grade stainless steel, including SS316 and SS304.

Multiple layers of filter media are overlapped and sintered in a vacuum sintering furnace. The extreme conditions applied for its manufacture ensure a robust structure. We use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce sintered mesh filter disc.

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What are the specifications of sintered mesh filter discs?

Deze provides its customers with the best quality of products. We make sure that the products made at Deze fulfill our customer requirements. Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.

At Deze, sintered mesh discs come with the following specifications.

  • We use premium raw materials, such as high-quality grades of stainless steel. Usually, we use SS316, SS304, SS316L, etc. We can also personalize the sintered mesh filter disc material according to customer choice.
  • Deze offers sintered mesh filter disc with a different number of layers. We manufacture single-layered and multilayer sintered mesh filter disc
  • The diameter of our sintered mesh discs also varies. Usually, the products available at Deze have a diameter ranging from 100mm to 3000mm. Besides, you can also customize it.
  • Deze offers OEM services, which means you can customize sintered mesh discs according to your requirements.
  • Deze ensures the secure delivery of sintered mesh filter disc to any part of the world. We pack your order in multiple layers to make sure it reaches you safely.

What are the advantages of sintered mesh discs?

Sintered mesh filter disc feature many advantages; it makes them a preferred choice compared to other filter elements. Some of the benefits of sintered mesh filter discs are,

· Sturdy Structure

Sintered mesh discs are one of our sturdy products. It has a stable structure and robust design. Sintered mesh filter disc manufactured at Deze are capable of working in harsh industrial environments.

You can employ them in industrial projects for extended periods. Also, they can bear the unusual workload.

· Exceptional Filtration Rating

Sintered mesh filter disc has peculiar filtration ratings. Firstly the filtration rating of our extensive products varies. Secondly, the filtration rating of each product is accurate.

Deze claims only those features which can be practiced practically. We are well aware of the needs of industries, and we know how a minor difference in filtration rationing can affect the efficiency of your operation. It is why we provide precise filtration ratings of our sintered mesh filter discs.

· Long Service Life

Sintered mesh filter disc available at Deze are durable. As they are made from premium raw materials, they don’t get damaged easily. Also, we fabricate them under extreme conditions, so the harsh industrial environments cause no harm to these discs.

· Reusable

Another feature of sintered mesh filter disc that enhances their durability is their repeated use. Sintered mesh filter disc produced at Deze are reusable.

You can effortlessly clean and reuse them. These sintered mesh filter discs are maintenance-friendly. You don’t need any experts to maintain them. You can clean them manually and employ them for filtration again.

What are the types of sintered mesh filter disc?

Based on the shape of sintered mesh filter disc, there are numerous types available at Deze,

  • Sintered mesh filter discs are available in round shape
  • They are also available in an elliptical shape.
  • At Deze, we also fabricate rectangular and square sintered mesh filter disc
  • Other configurations are also available in OEM services.

Similarly, sintered mesh filter disc offer two types based on their construction,

  • Simple weaving
  • Pleated discs

Where can you use sintered mesh filter?

Sintered mesh filter disc find extensive applications in various industries. Sintered mesh filter discs are serviceable,

  • In gas turbine engines
  • In pumps
  • In hydraulic filtration
  • In fuel & air injection
  • In fire control equipment
  • In petroleum industry
  • In the chemical fiber industry
  • In chemical industry
  • In energy industry
  • For security operations
  • In aviation industry
  • In the environmental protection industry
  • In medicine industry
  • In electricity projects

What factors should you consider while buying sintered mesh disc?

The purchase of sintered mesh filter disc requires experience. However, if you are buying sintered mesh filter disc for the first time, consider these factors.

  • Material type  (which grade of stainless steel is used)
  • Sintered mesh filter disc type (whether it is plain or pleated)
  • Dimensions (including the diameter, radius, and shape)
  • Filtration rating (based on your project)
  • Your budget
  • Your project requirements
  • Reliability of the manufacturer 

Are sintered mesh discs customizable?

Yes, sintered mesh filter discs are customizable. You can customize the size, shape, and material type of sintered mesh filter disc according to your requirements.

Deze offers OEM services for customers looking for customization services. You can contact our customer support to discuss your product design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings.

Bottom Line

Always inquire about the product that you are buying. Now that you are well aware of all the aspects of sintered mesh filter disc, we hope you will make the right choice.

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