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Sintered mesh filters are one of our best-selling filtration products. Because of their functionality and versatility, sintered mesh filters are serviceable in various industrial projects.

However, it is better to have an insight into the product before buying it. Here is the detailed analysis of sintered mesh filter and all the queries that might arise in your mind. 

What are sintered mesh filters?

Sintered Mesh Filters

Square Sintered Mesh Filters

A sintered mesh filter is a filtering material made by pressing and sintering single or several layers of woven wire mesh panels. The process forms sturdy, permanent bonds through heat and pressure, giving it superior and comprehensive filtration properties. 

It mixes the pros of woven wire mesh, which has a micron-rated aperture for fine filtration, and diffusion-bonded mesh laminates, which provide mechanical strength and stability.

At Deze, we make sure that the sintered mesh filters are highly usable and gain customer satisfaction.

How are sintered mesh filters manufactured?

At Deze, we manufacture sintered mesh filter with a single-layered or multilayered structure. The sintered mesh filter is sintered together in a vacuum. 

We laminate the single or multilayered meshes with fixtures in a high-temperature furnace under mechanical pressure. The furnace is filled with inert gas, and the temperature is raised to a point where sintering occurs. 

At Deze, we manufacture sintered mesh filter of standard interfaces and custom interfaces. 

What are the specifications of sintered mesh filters?

At Deze, we make sure our products fulfill our customer requirements. Our main goal is to achieve our customer satisfaction. We mainly focus on the quality of our product so that our product can achieve peak performance.

The major specifications of sintered mesh filter are,

  1. Material:the material used for sintered mesh filter is high-quality stainless steel 304L & 316L, aluminum. We also employ alloys, such as Steel Hastelloy, Monel, and Inconel.
  2. Layer:Sintered mesh filter can be single, 2 to 3, 5-layer & 6-layer or custom.
  3. Sheet sizes:The size of the inner sheets of filters are;
  • 18″ × 48″
  • 24″ × 48″
  1. Shapes:Sintered mesh filter usually comes in the round disk, ring, and simple cylinder.
  2. Temperature: stand up to 480 °C.
  3. Fabrication:they are easily formed, sheared, welded, and punched

What are the advantages of sintered mesh filters?

Sintered Mesh Filters

Different Sizes and Configurations of Sintered Mesh Filters

Deze produces sintered mesh filter of superior grade and to gain peak performances. Some of its advantages are,

  • Long-lasting.
  • They have excellent mechanical strength.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.
  • These filters can withstand up to Available over a wide range of filtration needs, that is, 1 to 100 microns.
  • They provide sufficiently uniform filtration in high viscosity and high temperature and pressure applications.
  • Easy to work with; cutting, welding, bending, stretching, etc.
  • You can fabricate it into multiple layers that possess superior filtration properties under harsh operating conditions.
  • They possess excellent stability, thus suitable for applications requiring mesh with a higher percentage of open filtration area.
  • Sintered wire mesh is easy and provides quality products for high throughput filter construction. These filters are ideal for applications needing controlled permeability.
  • They are easy to clean and reuse for numerous applications.
  • It has a stable structure that locks all mesh wires, making it possible for unique equipment fabrication into diverse and durable shapes.
  • Multiple sintered mesh filter can be durable for continuous filtration of up to 650 degrees from -200 degrees.

What are the types of sintered mesh filters?

Deze provides its customers a variety of types when it comes to sintered mesh filter. We supply the following types of sinter mesh filters,

  • A standard combination of 5-layer sintered wire mesh
  • Mesh filter sintered together by many layers of plain-woven square mesh.
  • Filter sintered together by many layers of Dutch-woven square mesh.
  • Mesh filter sintered by perforated plate and multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh.

Moreover, our sintered mesh filter can be fabricated into filter elements such as filter discs, cartridges, cones, cylinders, and tubes. Our sintered filter cartridges have a robust structure, seamless permeability and accurate filter precision, easy backwash cleaning.

Where can you use sintered mesh filters?

Sintered mesh filter find extensive uses in a variety of industrial fields for cleaning and filtration purposes. Some of the applications of sintered mesh filter are,

  • Oil & gas production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Aerospace
  • Polymer filtration
  • Refining
  • Energy & Nuclear
  • Polyester filters
  • Water treatment 
  • High-temperature air filtration

Deze provides its customers with the best and high quality sintered mesh filter so that the customers can have their best use.

What sizes of sintered mesh filters are there?

The size of sintered mesh filter varies. Deze tries its best to manufacture all the dimensions required by clients in its extensive range of products. However, if you cannot find your required size, you can customize it. 

You can personalize the size of sintered mesh filter based on their length, width, diameter, or configuration.

What factors should you consider while buying sintered mesh filters?

Buying an industrial product is an important decision. Consider the following factors; while buying sintered mesh filters,

  • Material 
  • Width, height, and configuration 
  • The weave pattern 
  • Layers 
  • Quality of the product
  • Your budget
  • Project requirements

Are sintered mesh filters customizable? 

Yes, sintered mesh filters are customizable. Diverse customers and industries need sintered mesh filter, and the requirements of every client are different. To fulfill the requirements and preferences of numerous clients, Deze offers OEM services.

You can personalize the length, diameter, configuration, material type, filtration rating, weave pattern, and many other aspects of sintered mesh filter. All you need to do is discuss your design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings. 

Bottom Line

Up till now, you would be well aware of the necessary aspects of sintered mesh filter. And we hope you will make the right choice. 

Deze has been manufacturing filtration products for years. If you need any further assistance regarding our products or any product in general, you can contact our experts through customer service

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