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Stainless Steel Filter Media

Stainless steel Hydraulic filters

The following are different construction options for stainless steel Hydraulic filters Elementelements:

OEM Stainless Steel Filter Media

In addition to the above stainless steel cylinder filter Elementelements, deze filtration also supplying OEM Stainless Steel Filter Media in various special shapes can meet the requirement of the customers:

Stainless Steel Filter Media made of stainless steel wire cloth strands woven in various mesh patterns to form absolute as well as nominal filtration ratings.The stinaless steel filters media are widely used in water treatment, liquid and gas filtration, medical, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and transportation industry.

Stainless Steel Filter cleanability is important for they are idea for hostile or severe environments and applications. All of our Stainless Steel Filter are easily restored back into service by back flushing, ultrasonic or other non-abrasive cleaning techniques.

When used in vicious environment, the cleanability of our Stainless Steel Filter can significantly reduce disposal costs.

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