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What are wedge wire filter elements?

Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Round Wedge Wire Filter Element in Bulk

Wedge wire filter elements are our corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, and sturdy product. They exhibit exceptional filtration characteristics. These filter elements have stable welding quality and long service life with high-quality manufacturing material. It is why they are serviceable for industrial use.

How are wedge wire filter element manufactured?

Wedge wire filter elements are made up of support bars and V-shaped surface wires. The surface wires are wedge-shaped, and it is why it is named wedge wire filter element

Support bars used for the manufacture of these filter elements differ in width, height, and configuration. Deze can provide you with high-quality wedge wire filter element in various options.

What are the specifications of wedge wire filter element?

Wedge Wire Filter Element

Slotted Tube of Wedge Wire Filter Element

Deze produces premium wedge wire filter element. We follow specific standards for the selection of raw materials and the production of filter elements. 

Our highest goal is to gain our customer’s trust and become a reliable manufacturer by providing high-quality services to industrialists worldwide.

Deze can fabricate wedge wire filter element with the following specifications,

· Material

Deze manufactures wedge wire filter element with different materials. We use high-quality raw materials, including low carbon galvanized wire, mild steel wire, stainless steel wire. We use premium grades of stainless steel, such as SS302, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L.

· Wedge wire

The height and width of wedge wire also vary according to the project requirements of our customers.

· Support wire

Deze produces wedge wire filters with several options of width, height, and configuration. 

· Slot opening

The slot opening of wedge wire filter element is vital to consider, as it varies according to the nature of its application. 

· Diameter

Deze manufactures round wedge wire filter element in numerous diameters. The diameter ranges from 20mm to 1000mm.

· Length

At Deze, wedge wire filter element with lengths of up to 6 meters are available. 

· Filter type

There are two filter types of filter elements based on the flow direction; one has inside to outside flow direction, and the other has outside to inside. Deze manufactures both these types.

· End connection

We secure wedge wire filter element with sturdy end connections. Deze offers three different end-connection types; welded ring end-connection, threaded male end-connection, and female coupling end-connection.

Also, Deze can provide you with secure packaging in wooden cases or boxes lined with waterproof material, which ensures the prevention of damage to your parcel during delivery. 

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What are the advantages of wedge wire filter element?

Wedge wire filters come with the following advantages,

  • Wedge wire filter element don’t clog. 
  • These filter elements are corrosion-resistant. Besides, they also show resistance to high temperatures and other chemicals. It makes wedge wire filter element an ideal choice for industrial use.
  • The maintenance of wedge wire filter element is quick and easy. You can effortlessly maintain it without manual intervention. It is an advantage for industries, as it will save their maintenance cost.  
  • Wedge wire filters have precise slot openings. Deze has different slot openings. Besides, you can also customize it.
  • offer high mechanical strength and pressure to withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • The seamless pattern of wedge wire filter element ensures efficient flow. Consequently, it results in a high yield, which increases the productivity of industries.
  • These filters are cost-effective.
  • Wedge wire filter elements are easily installable. And they serve long service life, which means they are durable.

Where can you use wedge wire filter element?

Wedge wire filter element find applications in many industries. They are serviceable,

  • The oil and gas industry for the production of lubricants and fuels.
  • In catalytic reactors
  • In desulfurization processes
  • For filtration. 
  • For automatic backwashing, blade self-cleaning, scrap self-cleaning, and suction-type self-cleaning. 
  • In the chemical industry, for potassium and phosphate purification. 
  • For industrial processing of polymers, chemicals, and paints
  • For adsorption, drying, sorting, and extraction
  • For wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, drinking water treatment, and seawater desalination.
  • For coating, de-watering, blending, and refining processes in the paper and cellulose industry 
  • For water exploitation, extraction of natural gases, oil extraction, and recycling in mineral industries.

What sizes of wedge wire filter elements are there?

We manufacture wedge wire filter element in standard sizes of each industry. You can opt for any dimensions based on the size of the particle, which you want to filter. You can choose any product from our wide range or customize it according to your preferences. 

What factors should you consider while buying wedge wire filter element?

Buying an industrial product is an important decision. You should consider the following factors; while buying wedge wire filter element,

  • Material of wedge wire filter element
  • Width, height, and configuration of wedge wire and support wire
  • Slot opening
  • Filter type and end connection of filter elements
  • Quality of the product
  • Your budget
  • Project requirements

Are wedge wire filter elements customizable?

Yes, wedge wire filter element are customizable. You can alter the size, shape, height, diameter, or any aspect of this configuration according to your needs.

Firstly, we have numerous options to offer our customers. Still, if you cannot find your required product, you can avail yourself of our OEM services. You can show us specific drawings or talk to our experts to discuss your product design.

Are wedge wire filter elements reusable?

Yes, wedge wire filter element are reusable. As they are easy to maintain, you can clean and reuse them. Usually, they don’t clog. However, when used for a longer duration, contaminants can accumulate in them.

All you have to do is disassemble them and clean them properly. Once cleaned, you can employ these filters in the same application again. It is why these wedge wire filter elements are an ideal choice for industrial use. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have all the necessary information about wedge wire filter element. Choose the product wisely. If you need any further assistance, you can always contact Deze customer support

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