Punching Spiral Tube

Deze filtration production of stainless steel, carbon steel punching spiral welding center network management is the first domestic, straight seam welding stainless steel, carbon steel network management specifications complete.

Material of Punching spiral tube: carbon steel, 304,304L, 316,316L.

Specifications of Punching spiral tube: small Φ200 × 5.0mm, the largest Φ3048 × 25.4mm pipe length is generally 6 ~ 30m, up to 80m spiral welded pipe with single-sided welding and double-sided welding.

Making Process: Uncoiling – Rolling – Leveling – Butt Welding – Milling – Molding – Internal Welding – External Welding – Pipe Cutting – Broken – Subsequent Welding – Test.

Dimensions: steel pipe diameter, wall thickness, oval, bending, tube-side vertical, according to customer requirements processing production.

Uses of Punching spiral tube: mainly used for oil, natural gas pipeline.

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