Replacement Fleetguard Filters

Replacement fleetguard filters & OEM fleetguard filters

Deze filtration designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of Filter and Strainer Replacement Elements which are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements. For examples: Replacement fleetguard filters

Custom manufactured filter elements we are suppling:

  • fluid power/hydraulic filter element products
  • power generation filter element products
  • injection molding filter element products
  • wind turbine filter element products
  • racing filter elements
  • oil reclamation filter element products
  • oil and gas industry filter element products


We has expertise with a wide range of filter media, including

  • cellulose filter elements
  • stainless steel filter elements
  • metal felt filter elements, and
  • micro fiberglass filter elements

Our OEM & Customized services can meet all your requirement for Replacement fleetguard filters

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