Replacement Suction Filtration

Deze filtration suppling suction filtration used high quality filter element to trap the oilborne dust and dirt, including particles as small as a grain of sand and provide longer lasting engine protection.

The advantage of our suction filtration:

  • Complex structure, high filtering precision
  • Large dirt holding capacity, long service life time
  • Good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance
  • Increased flow quantity per unit area
  • Woven type stainless steel mesh, with homogeneous pore distribution, high strength, and easy to clean.

The suction filtration is used to remove metal particles and mechnical impurities from hydraulic system.

Suction filtration has been widely used in transfomer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, petrolum, chemical, power plant, coal carbon, mining, pharmaceutical, food and engineering industries.

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