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Round mesh filter basket is crafted from high-quality metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, or brass, these baskets are built to withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads.

It acts as a barrier, allowing only particles of a certain size to pass through while trapping larger particles. This process is essential in various settings. In manufacturing, it is used to separate impurities from liquids or gases, ensuring product quality.

The mesh or perforated surface of the filter basket is a critical element of its design. Depending on the specific application, the mesh can be fine or coarse, allowing for precise control over the filtration process.

The removable design of the mesh allows for easy cleaning or replacement when it becomes clogged or worn out. This convenience minimizes downtime in industrial applications and ensures continued effectiveness in filtering tasks.

The versatility of the metal round mesh filter basket extends to its various sizes and shapes. From small, handheld versions for kitchen use to larger, custom-made industrial baskets, this filtration device can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, its cylindrical shape enables it to fit easily into various filtration systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing processes.


round stainless steel wire mesh baskets

Stainless steel wire mesh baskets are typically fabricated from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel,

known for its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and longevity. The wire mesh itself is meticulously woven or welded to create a sturdy, yet open structure that allows for optimal visibility, air circulation, and drainage.

This construction ensures that the baskets can withstand harsh environments, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

They come in various shapes and sizes, from small, intricate designs for delicate items to large, heavy-duty options for industrial applications. These baskets can be customized to fit specific needs, with features such as handles, lids, dividers, and stacking capabilities.

Stainless steel is inherently hygienic and easy to clean, making these wire mesh baskets an excellent choice for applications requiring strict sanitation standards. They are resistant to rust and corrosion, preventing the formation of bacteria-friendly environments.

Their open mesh design allows for thorough cleaning, making them suitable for use in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, food processing facilities, and medical sterilization processes.

304 stainless steel round mesh filter basket

304 stainless steel round mesh filter basket

304 stainless steel round mesh filter basket is constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel,

this filter basket offers exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making it a preferred choice for filtering and straining tasks in a wide range of settings.

Its mesh construction features a fine grid pattern that allows for efficient filtration while preventing the passage of unwanted particles or debris. Whether you are filtering liquids, separating solids from liquids, or even sifting dry materials, this basket can handle the task with ease.

It can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals, moisture, and environmental conditions without rusting or deteriorating. This makes it ideal for use in demanding environments such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Additionally, the round mesh filter basket is easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth surface and non-reactive nature make it a hygienic choice for applications where cleanliness is paramount.

316 stainless steel round mesh filter basket

316 stainless steel round mesh filter basket

316 stainless steel round mesh filter basket is crafted of high-quality 316 stainless steel, this

round mesh filter basket is engineered to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for industries where reliability is paramount.

Its 316 stainless steel composition, it can effectively withstand exposure to corrosive substances, high temperatures, and harsh chemicals without succumbing to rust or degradation.

The precision-engineered mesh openings allow for the passage of desired materials while effectively capturing unwanted particles, contaminants, and debris. This fine filtration capability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including liquid filtration in chemical processing, food and beverage production, and wastewater treatment.

The round shape of the basket provides optimal support and stability to ensure consistent filtration results. It can accommodate various filter media options, allowing for customization to meet specific filtration requirements.

fine mesh round filter basket

fine mesh round filter basket

Fine mesh round filter basket is typically manufactured from high-quality stainless steel or other

corrosion-resistant metals, making it durable and long-lasting.

The primary purpose of a metal fine mesh round filter basket is to efficiently separate solids from liquids or gases, ensuring that only the desired components pass through. Its fine mesh design consists of tightly woven wires or perforations, which can be customized in terms of mesh size to suit specific filtration requirements.

The fine mesh allows for the removal of even the smallest particles, such as sediments, debris, or contaminants, ensuring the purity and clarity of the filtered substance. This makes it indispensable in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment.

Depending on the application, it can be designed with a removable or hinged lid, making it simple to access and replace the filter element when necessary.

Additionally, these baskets are highly adaptable and can be customized to fit specific equipment or processes. They are available in various sizes and shapes, including cylindrical, conical, or flat, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems.

stainless steel perforated round filter basket

stainless steel perforated round filter basket

Stainless steel perforated round filter basket is engineered from high-quality stainless steel, this

filter basket boasts exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel’s inherent strength ensures a long-lasting product that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industries.

Round filter basket features precise perforations that are strategically engineered to achieve optimum filtration efficiency. These perforations are evenly distributed across the basket’s surface, allowing for consistent and reliable filtration of solids, liquids, or gases.

Stainless steel construction is easy to sanitize and resistant to staining, making it an ideal choice for applications where hygiene is paramount. This low-maintenance design translates to cost savings over time.

Filter basket is a versatile tool, finding application in industries such as oil and gas, food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. The uniform distribution of perforations ensures an optimized flow rate, allowing for efficient filtration without compromising on throughput.


Our company provides a kind of metal alloy to solve the problem of providing products with excellent

performance in high temperature and high corrosive environment. Our products are very strong

and welded or sintered. Length, diameter, thickness, alloy, medium grade and other specifications

can be adjusted during the production process, so that the product is suitable for a variety of

filtration, flow and chemical compatibility in different customer processes.


Sizes of round mesh filter basket



Standard Mesh

30 mesh, 40mesh


2 micorn-40000 micron

Micron Rate


Diameter of the filter 

1-300mm, as per require

Round mesh filter basket VS Square mesh filter basket

Round mesh filter basket VS Square mesh filter basket

Round mesh filter baskets are known for their simplicity and ease of use. They offer uniform filtration due to their symmetrical design, ensuring consistent performance. They are often used in applications where a precise and even distribution of filtration is essential.

On the other hand, square mesh filter baskets provide a unique combination of benefits. Their square shape can accommodate more filter material, allowing for increased filtration capacity in a smaller space. This can be advantageous when dealing with larger volumes of liquid or when space is limited.

Is there a recommended method for installing or securing the basket within a filtration system?

installing or securing the round mesh filter basket

First, ensure the round mesh filter basket is clean and free of debris. Next, carefully place the basket in the designated filter housing, ensuring it sits snugly and securely. Use a gasket or O-ring to create a watertight seal between the basket and housing.

Tighten any clamps or fasteners to hold the basket in place firmly. Periodically inspect the seal for wear and replace it as needed to maintain optimal filtration performance.

Does the filter basket have a specific surface finish or coating to enhance its resistance to corrosion?

Common options include stainless steel construction, which inherently possesses corrosion resistance due to its chromium content. Additionally, some round mesh filter baskets may undergo electroplating with materials like nickel or zinc to create a protective barrier against corrosion.

Teflon or other non-stick coatings can be applied to prevent buildup of corrosive substances on the basket’s surface. These finishes not only safeguard the filter basket from corrosion but also prolong its lifespan, ensuring efficient filtration performance and reducing maintenance needs in various industrial, culinary, and filtration applications.

Does the filter basket have any compatibility issues with certain chemicals or cleaning agents used in maintenance?

round mesh filter basket

Round mesh filter basket can face compatibility issues with certain chemicals or cleaning agents used in maintenance, potentially leading to corrosion or damage. For instance, strong acids or bases can corrode stainless steel baskets over time. It’s crucial to avoid using such chemicals for cleaning.

Additionally, abrasive scouring pads or harsh abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface of the basket, compromising its integrity and potentially promoting corrosion.

In food processing or pharmaceutical applications, aggressive cleaning agents might react with residues left on the basket, causing contamination concerns.

Does the filter basket have any specific design features to promote uniform flow distribution during filtration?

Round mesh filter basket are often designed considerations are crucial for ensuring efficient and effective filtration across the entire surface of the filter medium.

Perforations or slots: Filter baskets typically have evenly spaced perforations or slots that allow the liquid or gas being filtered to pass through. These openings are strategically designed to create uniform flow distribution, preventing localized high-velocity areas that could lead to uneven filtration.

Baffle plates: Some filter baskets incorporate baffle plates or diffusers within their design. These plates help redirect and distribute the incoming fluid or gas more evenly across the filter medium, reducing turbulence and ensuring uniform flow.

Grid support: Sturdy grid supports are often integrated into the filter basket design to maintain its structural integrity and prevent warping or collapsing, which could disrupt flow distribution.

These design features collectively contribute to a filter basket’s ability to distribute flow uniformly, optimizing filtration efficiency and preventing premature clogging or failure in critical industrial, manufacturing, and purification processes.


Most frequent questions and answers

Round wire mesh filter basket is typically composed of stainless steel wire mesh as the primary filtration element. Stainless steel is favored for its corrosion resistance and durability. The frame and support structure are also commonly made of stainless steel or carbon steel for strength.

Handles or lifting devices may be integrated, typically using stainless steel. Gaskets or seals, often made of rubber or silicone, ensure a secure fit and prevent leakage. Some baskets may feature surface coatings like epoxy or Teflon for added chemical resistance.

Common stainless steel grades like 304 and 316 can typically endure temperatures up to 1,600°F (870°C) for short durations without significant loss of mechanical properties. However, round stainless steel wire mesh baskets performance at high temperatures may vary due to factors such as exposure time, heating rate, and the presence of corrosive elements.

For more demanding applications requiring even higher temperature resistance, specialized stainless steel alloys like Inconel or Hastelloy can be used. These alloys can withstand temperatures exceeding 2,000°F (1,093°C) and maintain their structural integrity and corrosion resistance.

The pressure drop across a stainless steel mesh round basket depends on several factors, including the flow rate of the fluid passing through it, the size and shape of the mesh, and the mesh’s porosity. Typically, under typical operating conditions, which may involve filtration or separation processes, the pressure drop is relatively low compared to other filtration methods.

Stainless steel mesh baskets are known for their excellent flow characteristics, allowing fluids to pass through with minimal resistance. The pressure drop can be estimated using established equations such as Darcy’s law or the Ergun equation.

In most cases, with proper mesh selection and design, the pressure drop is kept within an acceptable range to ensure efficient operation while still achieving the desired filtration or separation efficiency.

Fine mesh round filter baskets are designed with specific features to prevent clogging or fouling during filtration processes. These design considerations are critical to maintaining efficient and uninterrupted filtration operations.

Mesh size: Fine mesh filters have a smaller pore size, which effectively captures smaller particles while allowing the passage of the desired fluid.

Backwash capability: Some designs include a backwash feature that allows for periodic reversal of flow to dislodge trapped particles from the mesh, preventing long-term buildup and clogging.

Pre-filtration stages: In more complex filtration systems, a series of filter stages may be used, with progressively finer mesh in each stage. This approach removes larger particles early in the process, reducing the load on the finer mesh and extending its lifespan.

By incorporating these design features and following best practices in filtration system design and maintenance, fine mesh round filter baskets can effectively minimize the risk of clogging and fouling, ensuring reliable and efficient filtration processes.

To ensure the longevity and peak performance of a stainless steel perforated round filter basket, perform regular cleaning and inspection. Clean the basket with a mild detergent, scrubbing away debris and contaminants.

Inspect for wear, corrosion, or damage, paying attention to perforations, seams, and welds. Apply a stainless steel protector to prevent rust. Lubricate moving parts if present. Replace filter media as recommended to maintain efficiency.

Store it in a dry, clean area when not in use to prevent damage. These routine maintenance practices will help extend the life and ensure the continued effectiveness of the filter basket.

304 stainless steel round mesh filter basket may include additional features designed for ease of handling and installation. Common features include:

Handles: Many filter baskets come with handles or lifting tabs, often made of the same stainless steel material. These handles make it easier to lift, carry, and install the basket, reducing the risk of injury and simplifying the installation process.

Support structure: Some filter baskets have built-in support structures or legs. These provide stability when the basket is in use, preventing it from collapsing under the weight of the filter media or materials being filtered.

Mounting flanges: In industrial applications, you might find filter baskets with mounting flanges or brackets for secure attachment to filter housing or equipment, simplifying installation and ensuring a secure fit.

These additional features enhance the usability and convenience of the 304 stainless steel round mesh filter basket, making it more user-friendly and practical for various filtration applications.

316 stainless steel round mesh filter baskets can indeed be customized to have different mesh sizes or shapes to meet specific filtration requirements. This customization is a versatile solution for various industrial applications where precision filtration is essential.

Mesh size customization allows for fine-tuning filtration levels, accommodating diverse particle sizes. For instance, you can opt for a finer mesh to capture smaller particles or a coarser mesh for larger debris. Additionally, customizing the shape of the basket can optimize its fit within existing equipment or enhance its filtration efficiency.

The expected lifespan of a custom wire mesh round filter basket under normal usage conditions primarily depends on several factors, including the quality of materials, the specific application, and maintenance practices. However, when made from durable materials like 316 stainless steel, and used appropriately, these filter baskets can have a relatively long lifespan.

Under normal usage conditions, which involve routine cleaning and maintenance to prevent excessive clogging and corrosion, a well-constructed stainless steel filter basket can last for many years. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and rust is a key factor in its longevity. Proper cleaning and periodic inspection for wear and tear can extend its lifespan further.

The specific application also plays a role. In some industries, where filtration involves highly abrasive or corrosive substances, the lifespan may be shorter. However, in less demanding environments such as food processing or water treatment, these filter baskets can last a decade or more.

Round stainless steel mesh filter basket may need to comply with various certifications and industry standards depending on its specific application and the regulations governing that industry. Some common certifications and standards that such filter baskets may adhere to include:

ISO 9001: This standard ensures quality management systems are in place, which is crucial for consistent product quality and performance.

FDA Compliance: In industries like food and pharmaceuticals, filter baskets must often adhere to FDA regulations to ensure product safety.

ASME BPE: For applications in the biopharmaceutical industry, compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Bioprocessing Equipment (ASME BPE) standards is essential.

ASTM Standards: The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets various standards for materials and manufacturing processes that may apply to filter baskets.

Certifications and standards ensure that the filter baskets meet specific quality, safety, and performance criteria. It’s essential to consult with manufacturers and industry experts to determine the precise standards and certifications required for your specific application.

Round stainless steel filter basket commonly used in sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and chemical processing, these baskets ensure product quality and equipment protection.

In the food industry, they assist in removing debris from cooking oil or filtering liquids in brewing processes. In pharmaceuticals, they help purify chemicals and drugs. The automotive industry employs them for oil and fuel filtration, while chemical processing relies on them for separating substances.

The cost-effectiveness of round wire mesh basket strainers makes them a compelling choice for various filtration applications. These strainers offer a balance between efficiency and affordability. They are durable, with a long lifespan, reducing replacement costs. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements translate to lower operational expenses over time.

Comparatively, alternatives like cartridge filters or centrifuges often entail higher upfront and ongoing costs, including filter replacements and energy consumption. Round wire mesh basket strainers excel in capturing particles of varying sizes, optimizing filtration performance.

First, ensure that the mesh size of the stainless steel round wire mesh basket strainer is appropriate for the particles or debris you need to remove. Properly sizing the mesh helps prevent clogging and allows for efficient filtration.

Additionally, pre-rinsing or pre-soaking the material being filtered can reduce initial debris and improve flow rates. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent buildup and maintain optimal performance.

Finally, consider the operating temperature and pressure conditions to ensure the strainer is compatible with the intended application. Properly preparing and maintaining the strainer will extend its lifespan and enhance its filtration capabilities.

The design of round stainless steel mesh filter baskets can vary, but they typically fall into two categories: those with removable or replaceable mesh inserts and those with a single-piece design.

Removable or replaceable mesh insert: In many cases, these baskets feature a removable or replaceable mesh insert. This design offers versatility and ease of maintenance. The mesh insert can be taken out for cleaning or replacement, allowing for convenient upkeep and ensuring consistent filtration performance over time.

This design is particularly useful when dealing with different particle sizes or materials, as you can swap out the mesh insert to match specific filtration requirements.

Single-piece design: Some round stainless steel mesh filter baskets come as a single-piece unit with the mesh permanently attached to the basket frame. This design is simpler and more cost-effective but may require more effort to clean thoroughly. When the mesh becomes damaged or clogged, you may need to replace the entire basket rather than just the mesh insert.

Round stainless steel mesh strainer baskets typically do not have integrated lids or covers to protect the filter media. These baskets are primarily designed for open filtration applications, where the mesh is exposed to the fluid being filtered. While the mesh itself acts as the filter media, there are usually no additional features like lids or covers included.

However, in some specialized industrial or sanitary applications, auxiliary equipment or enclosures may be used alongside the strainer baskets to provide extra protection or containment.

Perforated round filter baskets may not be the optimal choice for applications where hygiene and sanitation are critical. These baskets, often made from materials like stainless steel, feature a series of holes or perforations rather than fine mesh.

While they are effective at filtering out larger particles, they may not provide the level of filtration required in highly sanitary environments.

In applications where hygiene and sanitation are paramount, such as food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or cleanroom operations, finer filtration methods are typically preferred.

Stainless steel wire mesh or sintered metal filters with smaller pore sizes are better suited to capture microorganisms, fine particles, and contaminants, ensuring a higher level of cleanliness.

Moreover, perforated baskets can be more challenging to clean and sterilize thoroughly due to the larger openings, which may harbor contaminants or be difficult to reach with standard cleaning procedures.

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