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Sintered metal fiber cartridges are one of the most versatile filter elements. To purchase sintered metal fiber cartridge, you need an insight into the features of this product. 

To acknowledge you about all the necessary components of our products, Deze provides guides to its customers. Here is the ultimate guide to the sintered metal fiber cartridge.

What are sintered metal fiber cartridges?

sintered metal fiber cartridge is a filter, which obstructs the path of dirt. As the name suggests, it is manufactured from stainless steel. It has high permeability, low-pressure drop, and anti-wear nature and is one of our best products.

Sintered metal fiber cartridges have high dirt holding capacity. It is why they find applications in various industries. You can employ them for numerous filtration operations, such as polymer filtration, cross-flow filtration, etc.

What are the specifications of sintered metal fiber cartridge?

Deze has been manufacturing filters for years. We provide sintered metal fiber cartridge to industries worldwide. Sintered metal fiber cartridge valuable at Deze has following specifications,

  • Deze manufactures sintered metal fiber cartridge of different types. Based on the filter design, Deze manufactures plain and pleated filter cartridges.
  • Based on the end type of filter, Deze fabricates cartridges with different types, double open end, single open end, flat edge, or raised flange. 
  • Numerous sizes of sintered metal fiber cartridges are available. The size depends on the inner and outer diameter. 
  • Micron ratings of different sintered metal fiber cartridge also vary.
  • Deze also offers OEM services. You can customize it according to your requirements.

What are the advantages of sintered metal fiber cartridge?

· High Mechanical Strength

Due to high mechanical strength, it can endure high temperature and pressure. Sintered metal fiber cartridge can withstand temperatures up to 500˚F, and they did not deform easily.

· High Tensile Strength

Sintered metal fiber cartridge have high tensile strength, which improves their pressure resisting ability. The industries, which have to work at high fluid pressure find this sintered metal fiber cartridge serviceable.

· Backflushing Ability

Sintered metal fiber cartridge ensure that no fluid remains in the filter by its backflushing ability.

· Highly Functional

Though all sintered metal fiber cartridge types are serviceable, pleated sintered metal fiber cartridges are exceptionally functional. Pleats on this cartridge increase its filtration surface area. You can use it to carry out numerous operations.

· Corrosion Resistance

As the primary material of stainless steel, the cartridge filter is resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel forms an oxide layer that obstructs the path of damage-causing agents. It is why you can employ sintered metal fiber cartridge in various industries. 

· Highly Durable

The fiber cartridge is highly durable. It mainly depends on how you clean your sintered metal fiber cartridge. The cleaning method of the sintered metal fiber cartridge may also vary. 

· Versatility:

The sintered metal fiber cartridge is available in different sizes and shapes. It can perform various functions depending on its configuration. 

Usually, sintered metal fiber cartridges are available in two designs, Plain and Plated. The plain cartridge has five layers of sintered mesh, which provides high permeability. Besides, a pleated sintered metal fiber cartridge offers high efficiency compared to a simple sintered metal fiber cartridge.

What are the types of sintered metal fiber cartridges?

· Plain Sintered metal fiber cartridge

It has five layers of mesh which are sintered together. You can use it in surface or depth filtration. 

This type of sintered metal fiber cartridge is serviceable as a pre-filter. It has good permeability. Not only that, it is highly economical as you can use it repeatedly after cleaning it. Also, it is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

· Pleated Sintered metal fiber cartridge

Its primary material is stainless steel. Pleats result in a greater surface area for filtration. Also, its initial pressure drop is shallow. 

These sintered metal fiber cartridges are reusable after cleaning and available in a wide range of pore sizes. It has applications in water treatment, hydraulic oils, hot gas, or steam.

Where can you use sintered metal fiber cartridge?

Sintered metal fiber cartridges have many applications in the gearbox and bearing lube filtration, water treatment plants, fluidizer beds combustion. This filter helps to remove impurities and makes the system operate smoothly.

For Filtration

Sintered metal fiber cartridges have applications in many industries for filtration processes, such as catalyst recovery in chemical industries or petrochemical industries. Besides, you can employ it in hot gas filtration, oil filtration, fuel, and hydraulic oil filtration. 

Sintered metal fiber cartridges are also serviceable in R.O. pre-filtration, cross-flow filtration, and polymer filtration.

Miscellaneous Applications

You can also use sintered metal fiber cartridge in industries, such as the wastewater treatment industry, paint industry, aerosol industry, medical equipment industry, gas-liquid separation industry, and analytical device industry.

What sizes of sintered metal fiber cartridges are there?

The size of sintered metal fiber cartridge varies. Deze tries its best to manufacture all the dimensions required by clients in its extensive range of products. However, if you cannot find your required size, you can customize it. 

You can personalize the size of sintered metal fiber cartridge based on their length, width, diameter, or configuration.

What factors should you consider while buying sintered metal fiber cartridge?

Buying an industrial product is an important decision. Consider the following factors; while buying sintered metal fiber cartridge,

  • Material 
  • Width, height, and configuration
  • The manufacturing pattern(whether it is plain or pleated)
  • Layers 
  • Quality of the product
  • Your budget
  • Project requirements

Are sintered metal fiber cartridges customizable? 

Yes, sintered metal fiber cartridges are customizable. Diverse customers and industries need sintered metal fiber cartridge, and the requirements of every client are different. To fulfill the requirements and preferences of numerous clients, Deze offers OEM services.

You can personalize the length, diameter, configuration, material type, filtration rating, weave pattern, and many other aspects of sintered metal fiber cartridge. All you need to do is discuss your design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings. 

Bottom Line

This guide would have enlightened you about many aspects of sintered metal fiber cartridges. Now you can inspect and compare the products of different manufacturers. Before buying sintered metal fiber cartridges, make sure they are worth your money.

If you need any further assistance regarding the services of the products of Deze, you can contact our customer support.

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