Spin-On Filter Media

Spin-On Filter Media

Our Spin-On Filter Media made of quality materials, including a silicone anti-drainback valve, high quality steel, and premium filter media. Our Spin-On Filter Media is a direct replacement for OEM filters and installs and removes like a traditional filter, using premium materials and construction.

It has the same specifications as a traditional spin-on oil filter—a steel base plate, standard attachment threads, standard filter sizes, and internal pressure relief valve.

Our Spin-On Filter Media available for a wide variety of vehicles.

The “two filters in one” design of our Spin-On Filter Media leverages a core conventional oil filter structure, allowing most of the oil to take its usual path while diverting a small portion of the oil to the top of the filter to be processed through our patented microfilter. The microfilter—which is constructed of advanced materials that provides advanced filtration efficiency.

To avoid disrupting the oil flow or adversely affecting oil pressure, the microfilter is designed to capture oil over multiple passes. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil, the microGreen filter achieves improvements in oil quality over time and in as few as 100 miles of driving.

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