Wedge Wire Filter

The wedge filter can be divided into two types according to the filtering direction: inflow type and outflow type:

The wedge-shaped filter element is composed of a “V” shape, that is, a wedge-shaped surface layer wire and a support strip, and has the characteristics of smooth surface, no angularity, no burr, uniform gap, and is used as an automatic filter of various forms (such as automatic backwashing, scraper The best filter elements for cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, and suction-type self-cleaning filters are widely used for fluid filtration in a variety of industries.

Material: stainless steel 304, 316L, Ha C276, titanium, molybdenum, two-phase 2205 2507, 904L and many other special alloy materials.

Specifications: diameter 30mm 32mm, 33mm, 37.5mm, 38mm, 60m 87mm 89mm 110mm 137mm 189mm 268mm 305 and many other specifications.

Filtering accuracy range: 0.025-6mm.

The wedge filter can be divided into: tapered filter and circular filter according to the shape of the product.

Taper filter tube, also known as Hedeck hydraulic filter, is a special tube for separation and filtration of liquid oil and solid particles. The upper and lower diameters of the pipe body are different. Therefore, the smooth surface of the tapered pipe is a filtering surface, and the slit is strip-shaped, which belongs to the surface filtering form. The most suitable filter elements for various types of automatic filters (such as automatic backwashing, blade self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, suction-type self-cleaning filters) are widely used for fluid filtration in various industries. Our company can currently do specifications of 1200, 1120, 960, 560, 670mm.

Mainly used in steel, chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. According to the shape of the filter, the medium can be better guided, separated and filtered.

Features: continuous operation, high filtration efficiency, high strength, long service life, in-line application, can be used in series or in parallel, fully automatic operation, easy installation, continuous flow during self-cleaning process, sturdy 316 stainless steel V shape Wire filter

Commonly used dimensions: Φ38*Φ65*515, Φ65*Φ110*515, Φ38*Φ90*1020, Φ65*Φ110*1020 four sizes.

Cylindrical wedge wire filters

The circular wedge filter is composed of a “V” shape, that is, a wedge wire (surface wire) and a support wire. The smooth surface of the filter element is the filter surface, and the slit is a strip shape (horn), which belongs to the surface filtration form. The most suitable filter element for various forms of automatic filters is widely used for deep filtration of diatomaceous earth filters. Due to the special wedge-shaped wire structure, compared with the sintered wire filter and other filter elements, it has the advantages of not easy to block, easy to backwash and long service life, and is a perfect substitute for other filter elements.


  1. High welding strength, high precision, uniform gap, smooth surface and long service life.
  2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance.
  3. The winding filter has uniform gap, small error, accurate filtering precision and large over-flow.
  4.  the surface is free of burrs, edges and corners, recoil cleaning, quick disassembly, easy to operate.
  5. the quality is stable and has perfect roundness and other characteristics.
  6. The wire-wound filter element is suitable for various environments such as low temperature, high temperature, acidic and alkaline.


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