Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Wedge Wire Filter Elements

                                                                    — Self Cleaning  Filter

Wedge wire filter elements are ideal for many challenging filtration applications

They have following advantages:

  • Optimum structural strength for heavy loads
  • Minimal plugging and blinding
  • High pressure/pulsating pressure capability
  • Corrosive application suitability
  • Thermal resistance
  • Long-life — almost endless cleanability
  • Sterile application / food industry suitability
  • Low pressure drop
  • High flow rate
  • High Performance Filtration for Many Applications
Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Self-cleaning filter element

The automatic self-cleaning filter element has high welding strength, uniform gap, strong corrosion resistance, large effective filtration area, good permeability, simple structure, and the gap precision is as small as 25 microns. Material selection: stainless steel 304, 316L, 904L, titanium , molybdenum, Hastelloy dual phase steel 2205 2507 and other metalsFeatures of Self-cleaning filter:

  1. High mechanical strength, able to withstand large pressure difference
  2. The filter gap is uniform, can form a relatively uniform filter cake, which is conducive to backwash regeneration
  3. Wedge-shaped filter gap, can improve the backwash regeneration ability
  4. Pressure, temperature, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, can be applied to a variety of fluids
  5. Easy to rinse and regenerate

The metal wedge mesh filter adopts a metal wedge mesh (Johnson tube) as a filter element. The nearly two-dimensional filter has no dead spots of particles, and the wedge gap can collect backwash energy during backwashing, and the backwashing effect is good.

Product application: Self-cleaning filter is especially suitable for waxy oil, asphalt, diesel, beer, and oil with higher viscosity. Widely used in power chemical, natural gas well, petrochemical industry, chemical, mining, paper, environmental protection, metallurgy, food, sand control, decorative and other industries in the field of water treatment and fine filtration engineering.

They are workable for fluid/solid separation, our products can help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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