Welded Construction Stainless Steel Filter Elements

Welded Construction Filter Elements

Deze filtration suppling stainless steel filter elements using welded construction for a wide variety of applications.

Stainless steel welded construction woven wire mesh elements are ideally suited for hostile environment applications involving extreme temperatures, high pressures and corrosive fluids. 

  • The elements are easily cleaned to restore their useful life by backflushing or other techniques.
  • Our Welded Construction Filter Elements are available in many efficiency ratings from 2 to 200 microns. The precisely controlled pore size of the woven wire mesh assures absolute particle efficiency in every micron size.
  • Welded Construction Filter Elements are manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth material
  • Mesh Patterns — Square Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave, Plain Dutch Weave
  • Temperature ratings from -300 to +800 degrees F
  • Various micron ratings available from 2µm to 1000µm
  • We are suppling Custom & Customized for Welded Construction Filter Elements(OEM)

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