Sintered wire mesh Laminates

Sintered wire mesh is a diffusion bonded woven mesh. And Sintered wire mesh is produced by a series of technical processes, which will improve many original properties. Our company has extensive experience and we will provide expert advice to help you choose the right filter.

Sintered woven wire mesh consist of multi-layers of woven wire mesh laminated together by use of  ‘sintering’. This creates an enormous class of new materials with a very wide variety of mechanical properties. By combining multiple layers of different mesh weavings, it is possible to design materials with specific target thickness, permeability, pore size, and mechanical strength. Some layers are used for high precision filtration, others for protecting and reinforcing.

Standard 5-layer sinter mesh & filters

Advantages of sintered filter elements:

  • Diffusion bonded wire can be fabricated in single or multiple layers. Multiple layer assemblies provide enhanced mechanical properties for filters and harsh environment applications.
  • Bonded sintered wire mesh is stable, making it ideal for mesh with a high percentage of open area or that requires a secure pore size.
  • SinterPore™ sintered mesh is easy to fabricate and produces a stable, strong product. It can be constructed as a depth filter media, providing excellent filtration properties. It is an excellent material to use for products that require controlled permeability.
  • Sintered wire mesh can be cleaned and re-used for many applications.
  • Diffusion bonding locks and secures all wire in the mesh, eliminating loose wires and increasing the stability of the cloth. It can be used for small parts and special shapes without losing shape or loose wires. Traditional wire cloth can become loose and ineffective over time.

Application of sintered metal elements:

With high mechanical strength and wide filter rating ranges, sintered filters can be used in liquid and gas filtration, and aslo can be used in separation and recovery of solid particle, transpiration cooling under extremity high temperature, control air flow distribution, enhancement of heat and mass transfer, noise reduction, current limitation, in powder transport, laboratory fluid bed, driers, coolers and other solid materials.

Sintered metal elements is a new materials used in food, beverage, water treatment, dust removing, pharmaceutical, polymer, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, chemical filter, pharmacy filter, laboratory filters.

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